Monday, March 8, 2010

60" Rope Pearls - Black, Copper, White and Mixed Necklaces

These 60" rope strands of AAA 8mm round Freashwater pearls come in a varity of rich and beautiful colors. Note the luster, sheen and beautiful depth these pearls have.

Each one is double knotted, comes with a sterling silver clasp. $165 each.

Elegance & a glass of Champagne.... sums up this combination of White, Black & Gray pearls perfectly. Get ready for compliments!

A gorgeous 60" strand of 8mm White pearls. Make an impact by doubling to 30" for an Opera length necklace or tripling for a Matinee length neclace.

A stunning 60" strand of 8mm Black rope pearls. Click on the image to enlarge it. Note the amazing depth of coloration! These are absolutely beautiful.

A dazzling 60" combination of White, Black, Gray & Gold 8mm pearls. Comes hand knotted on a fine silk string and with sterling silver clasp. Note the depth... the 100% nacre gives them these rich hues & tones.

These 8mm AAA copper pearls are handsome. The rich tones make these a fabulous wear in the fall... very Ralph Laurenish.

FREE Shipping on Orders over $100

TO ORDER - Simply email us the color and style you want and if you want the set or only the necklace. Please include your address & phone #. And voila - we will email you a Paypal invoice for the Pearls. Very easly. Very quick.

Please click on each picture to enlarge it...note the quality of each pearl necklace.

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  1. Gorgeous! I love to see you on the blog world! All pearls are so beautiful and lustrous!!

    Art by Karena