Monday, March 8, 2010

60" Rope Pearls - Black, Copper, White and Mixed Necklaces

These 60" rope strands of AAA 8mm round Freashwater pearls come in a varity of rich and beautiful colors. Note the luster, sheen and beautiful depth these pearls have.

Each one is double knotted, comes with a sterling silver clasp. $165 each.

Elegance & a glass of Champagne.... sums up this combination of White, Black & Gray pearls perfectly. Get ready for compliments!

A gorgeous 60" strand of 8mm White pearls. Make an impact by doubling to 30" for an Opera length necklace or tripling for a Matinee length neclace.

A stunning 60" strand of 8mm Black rope pearls. Click on the image to enlarge it. Note the amazing depth of coloration! These are absolutely beautiful.

A dazzling 60" combination of White, Black, Gray & Gold 8mm pearls. Comes hand knotted on a fine silk string and with sterling silver clasp. Note the depth... the 100% nacre gives them these rich hues & tones.

These 8mm AAA copper pearls are handsome. The rich tones make these a fabulous wear in the fall... very Ralph Laurenish.

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TO ORDER - Simply email us the color and style you want and if you want the set or only the necklace. Please include your address & phone #. And voila - we will email you a Paypal invoice for the Pearls. Very easly. Very quick.

Please click on each picture to enlarge it...note the quality of each pearl necklace.

Exquisite Stick Pearls

Wow... a rainbow of stick pearl colors abound - pink, beige, black, white, green, silver, bronze and light. The only problem is once you've worn one, you'll need several sets of them. The compliments you'll receive will astound you. Each is handknotted on a fine silk string and comes with a sterling silver clasp. The necklaces are 18" long and the bracelets are 7.2" long.

Necklaces are- $85
The full set - $155

These beige stick pearls have a very gentle and soothing feel to them... perhaps it is because of the slightly opaque & faint pink tones that are natural to freshwater pearls. Regardless, they are just wonderful.

What girl can live without glorious Pink stick pearls??? Note the soft pink hue and deep luster these pearls radiate. Perfect as a necklace - and yummy with the matching bracelet and dangle earrings.

The Black stick pearls have a stunning peacock iridescence to them

Lovely Bronze colored stick pearls.

The Green stick pearls have been very hot this year...not surprising as they look fantasic!

White Stick Pearls offer one of the most classic looks possible... simply beautiful.

These silver Stick Pearl necklaces have a great mecury/platium look.

These light brown stick pearls have a soft, golden hue.

The hue of these Grey stick pearls is classic and smart. One of the best all around colors to wear.

TO ORDER - Simply email us the color and style you want and if you want the set or only the necklace. Please include your address & phone #. And voila - we will email you a Paypal invoice for the Pearls. Very easly. Very quick.

Keshi Pearls - Show your outer beauty!

Ohlala très incroyable! These smashing 7mm Keshi pearls simply pop! Note the delicious textures, faint opaque hues and the deep luster. They are perfect gown-wear for the night out or worn with jeans and sandals. The 18" necklace (PBFKN) is $125 and the set (PBFKS) is $205. The bracelet measures 7.25" & both have sterling silver clasps.

These keshi pearls are the perfect gift for bridesmaids.

*FREE Shipping on all orders over $100

TO ORDER - Simply email us the color and style you want and if you want the set or only the necklace. Please include your address & phone #. And voila - we will email you a Paypal invoice for the Pearls. Very easly. Very quick.

Alluring Coin Pearls - Necklaces, Bracelets & Earrings

The iridescence sheen these white/opaque coin pearls exude is delightful. They measure a show stopping 12mm! The 18" necklace (PBFCWN) is $98 and the 3 piece set (PBFCWS) is $175. The bracelet measures 7.25"

Want one, need one? Have questions? Call or email us.

TO ORDER - Simply email us the color and style you want and if you want the set or only the necklace. Please include your address & phone #. And voila - we will email you a Paypal invoice for the Pearls. Very easly. Very quick.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Caring for your Pearls

Pearls are quite durable, but they do require a little care to help insure they stay beautiful.

Before putting your pearls away, wipe them gently with a soft cloth to remove body oils and dirt. The acid from your skin will dull the luster and eat the nacre changing their shape over time.

Always store your pearls in a soft jewelry pouch or wrapped in a cloth to prevent scratching. Never store them loose with other jewelry. Never store them in a plastic bag...they need moisture from the air. They should not be stored in a safe depsoit box as the air is dry and over time they may crack.

Always put your pearls on last - esp. after you spray your perfume or put on hair spray! Cosmetics and other chemicals will damage them.

Never swim or shower with them on.

If they do get wet via sweat or by other means, do not hang them to dry. Them them dry flat.

If you wear them a lot, have them restrung on a yearly basis.

Pearls - Timelessly Classic

Gorgeous Freshwater pearl necklaces in a myriad of colors...champagne, white, pink, black, copper, green, gold, silver, opaque and more. Stick pearls, coin pearls, large & round hand-knotted 7 & 8mm 18" and 60" strands. Bracelets and earrings too. All perfect for for that special night out, or a casual day in jeans. Brides and bridesmaids will love them. Husbands and boyfriends will take their honey's breath away with them....

Pearls by Fox (PearlsbyFox) is unique in that we offer discounted pearls via our direct manufacturing source in China. Our freshwater cultured pearl necklaces, bracelets and earrings are guaranteed 100% AUTHENTIC. Our pearls have deep luster that emanates from within, rich sheen, and clean surfaces...they easily compete with South Sea Pearls at a fraction of their luxurious cost. Aside from our fabulous freshwater stick pearl necklaces and bracelets, coin pearl necklaces, keshi pearl necklaces and coin pearl bracelets, and delightfully stunning baroque sets we can supply Akoya and Tahitian pearls to the discerning buyer that would love Mikimoto quality pearls for far less. The quality is guaranteed.

Our collection of exquisite pearls and pearl jewelry sets is top notch. Period. We live by our name and a handshake. If you are not satisfied for any reason, simply return them in 7 days for a full refund less shipping. No quibbles – no question asked. We want you to fall in love with these lustrous, heirloom quality pearls... we want you to smile and remember the day you put them on.

Lastly, our photo's are not doctored in any way. The colors of our pearls are not enhanced and the flaws are not 'shopped' in any way. Every picture is true to life. What you see is what you get... impressive quality. All pearls have blemishes as they are natural creations. Many sites have "take-your-breath-away" images of perfection... we do not. We only have good pictures we took of our stock. Every pearl is like a person - individualistic... with flaws and character. Our team carefully assemles each piece to reflect its grouping in the most impressing way possible. Again, we want you to smile when you wear Pearls by Fox.
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